TADEP is co-funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and the Australian Centre for Agricultural Research (ACIAR). A key to the success of this program is a flexible ‘Program Umbrella’, managed by ACIAR, under which all five component projects sit.

Contact details specific to each of the five component projects can be found on the respective pages.


ACIAR PNG and Pacific Regional Office contact details:

Florence Rahira
Regional Manager
ACIAR PNG & Pacific Regional Office
+675 7170 2917 | +675 7090 0299

Sheerah Ephraim
Administrative Officer (Programs)
ACIAR PNG & Pacific Regional Office
+675 7212 7580 | +675 7090 0356

Rebecca Bogosia
Assistant Manager
ACIAR PNG & Pacific Regional Office
+675 7088 2057 | +675 7090 0315

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