TADEP is a six-year program comprising of five agricultural research for development projects, each of which commenced in the ten months following the program inception in May 2015 and are of varying lengths.


As the program is halfway through its anticipated timeline, a Mid-Term Review was undertaken in June 2018. Whilst the two projects with shorter timeframes will be concluding toward the end of 2018, both have communicated a desire to continue to contribute to the program, albeit not as part of the ‘formal’ program.

The Mid-Term Review sought to examine the implementation of the program to date and to plan the remaining activities at the program level. Specifically, the review was directed to reflect upon and consider:

  • The extent to which it delivers value beyond the sum of the component projects
  • The extent to which the projects contribute to the overall TADEP performance indicators.

The Mid-Term Review was undertaken by two external reviewers and incorporated multiple methods of data collection including reviews of relevant project and program documentation and reports, observation at the 2018 Annual Meeting, and interviews and groups discussions with key stakeholders.

Mid-Term Review overview