Communication across and beyond TADEP is critical to the success of the program. The program communications strategy targets internal (projects, partner agencies, funding bodies) and external (other ACIAR projects, other programs in PNG) stakeholders with a multiple tools, regularity and purposes. The cross-program communications assists with the identification and facilitation of coordinated and collaborative activities.

The TADEP Updates are targeted at an internal audience and seek to foster an environment of cross-program collaboration, respond to opportunities that arise and to share key learnings from each of the projects.

TADEP Updates
Grace Enoch (black & white striped shirt) demonstrates to other
Train the trainers take part in a workshop facilitated by Kiteny

A program Annual Report is collated following each financial year, conveying activities and progress of each of the five component projects and of the overall program, and also includes the program Performance Framework as a critical monitoring and evaluation tool.


As the program progresses, there are stories developing that demonstrate the impact of TADEP beyond the sum of the five distinct component projects. These stories qualitatively capture how TADEP is contributing to the higher-level program objectives and ultimately in improving the livelihoods of rural men and women in PNG.

Stories of impact
Sheerah Ephraim participating in photography and filmmaking training with Conor Ashleigh in Bougainville.
At the NARI research station in Aiyura, Eastern Highlands

Have you got a story that showcases the impact of TADEP or one of the component projects? See the simple example below of how we can best capture and share your story via the TADEP Update, and potentially even the ACIAR and DFAT social media channels. Complete the template and email it to