At the TADEP Annual Meeting in June 2018, a number of capacity building opportunities were identified and discussed to value-add to the extensive network and existing partnerships within the program. One of the ideas discussed was to leverage off the project teams, researchers and scientists from both PNG and Australia already travelling for project work to deliver presentations or seminars to the two universities most actively involved in TADEP; University of Natural Resources and Environment (UNRE) in East New Britain and University of Technology (UniTech) in Lae.

The Pop-in Seminars will enable the TADEP projects to share research outcomes and impacts with a broader academic audience, encourage deeper relationships between ACIAR research and the two identified universities, expose students and staff to agricultural research to development and facilitate collegial networking between PNG and Australian tertiary institutions. There may also be other opportunities that evolve from this collaboration including, but not limited to, students linking postgraduate studies to project work, cross-disciplinary collaboration, informal mentoring or twinning arrangements between tertiary institutions.

The ultimate aim of the Pop-in Seminars is to building capacity at individual level with staff and students, and at institutional level between tertiary institutions, commissioned organisations and partner agencies.

Dates of the upcoming Pop-in Seminars:

Presentations from previous Pop-in Seminars:

Stanis Kitz demonstrates how he delivers the modules to communit